My 3 Most Popular Stories

  1. DevOps Is Dead, Long Live NoOps (90k views)
  2. Is Serverless The End Of Kubernetes?(50k views)
  3. DevOps, NoOps, and now FinOps (40k views)

My Best stories

These are my best stories as in “I think this is my best work.” divided by topic.

  1. From Opensource to OpenMind
  2. Are developers commodities or Rockstars?
  1. Why Does Everybody Want to Use Kubernetes?
  2. How to Deploy a Web Application with Kubernetes
  3. What exactly is Kubernetes
  1. The Hard Part of Digital Transformation Is Not Digital.
  2. Why Your APIs Deserve More Attention
  3. What is PIMCore: the PIM that wins the DXP Challenge
  1. Top 10 soft skills for a Developer
  2. 5 Common Lies That Developers Tell
  3. All the shapes of Developers

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Who Are You?

My name is Daniele. I’m a trekking lover and I divide my spare time between opensource development, outdoor activities and posting to this blog.

Since I’ve started this blog in 2019 some hundred thousand people have read my works. I’ve been featured on the Startup, Better Programming, Towards Data Science and other important publications.

If you want to know more, follow me on Twitter, connect with me on Linkedin or simply drop me a message from my website.

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