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What you can't miss about DevOps

DevOps is one of the most huge trends in development. In this article, I collected some resources that can help to focus on the right aspects of this discipline.

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Focusing on infrastructure management is funny but not sustainable for our business. The goal of a modern developer is to focus on product development by adopting tools that simplify infrastructure management. If you think it’s not possible or you are curious about how to do that, just read the next article.


Like in that AppOps stream, the NoOps fanatics aims to reduce the friction between infrastructure and developers by removing all the operation layers. This may seem like shock therapy, but the will of reducing frictions and simplify the deployment process is very cool, so I suggest reading this article to learn more.


As I said at the beginning of the article, near the DevOps topic there are hundreds of trends and buzzwords. I tried to analyze them and I summarized the most important ones in the next article. Just read to keep you updated 😃

Security is not an option

Integrating security in the DevOps process is the key for keep an application secure. This can be done without blocking the application before going live and limiting rework. How? Using DevOps, of course. You can find more info in the next article.

Finance is also important

We always focus on performance and security, but cloud finance can make the difference between a profitable business or not. Each service that you use has a cost and often hidden costs. Read the next article to discover what is FinOps and how it can help you to save money and get the best from the cloud.

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