The dark side of IT now is the new normal

In this article, I will talk about Shadow IT. With the growing spread of digital technologies and the cloud, the entry barriers for adopting software or digital solution decreased. Compared to what happened years ago, everybody with a credit card can physically activate a service. I’m talking about WordPress hosting or Office365. The consequences for most companies are huge as all the departments with a portfolio can actually adopt software and take a decision on behalf of IT. Tha’s called Shadow IT. In the next section, we will learn in detail what brings to this situation and what are the…

Learn why AppOps is so important

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Yes, I used a clickbait title. Sorry, it was for a good cause. I needed your attention to introduce a new underrated trend in DevOps, the AppOps.

In the IT world, learning new buzzwords is a daily occurrence. Most of them are like a meteor and dissolves before you could fully understand what you should learn. Some others will be the trend to follow for the following years. I can mention DevOps and Frontend, just to make some examples about what I’m talking about.

All this introduction explains why we are bombed by new terms and have to focus on…

Why we should not apply bare technology solutions to our business problems

We live in a world where solutions are accessible to anyone at any time, often with limited effort. I mean not only economic expenses, but also the ease of physically buying something. Just think about what you can purchase from your bed, using your phone. This is not only limited to our daily experience as consumers but is also true for companies. In these years of changes, most of the company are trying to accelerate the digital transformation by buying solutions to their problems. The digital solutions don’t limit to smart devices or the digital software we can buy for…

Learn how to use Pimcore as a backend to implement a blog

Notebook and keyboard on desk
Notebook and keyboard on desk
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Headless solutions are spreading around the world and are going to become the standard for websites and e-commerce. The main concept in this field of application is to pre-generate pages and serve them as static contents. This is a great approach for getting the best performance, reduce network traffic, and — incredible — reduce the environmental impact saving power for making computations!

In my last article about Gatsby “How to create a blog with Gatsby,” I explained how you can create a static blog using JavaScript and Markdown content. …

Set up a blog in minutes using Gatsby

Notepad and laptop on desk
Notepad and laptop on desk
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A headless CMS is an emerging solution for implementing websites. With that said, there is a point where you have to place the “head” (i.e. start rendering data and display it to the user). In most applicative contexts, having a traditional single-page application is enough. So you can implement your Angular or React app, and that’s all.

In public websites or e-commerce, you also need to have web pages for SEO and indexing purposes. To satisfy this need, tools like Gatsby come to our aid with server-side rendering (SSR). This approach overcomes all the problems of classic websites based on…

How to reduce friction with Kubernetes and go faster

The abstraction of containers has been a big step toward removing complexity and reducing friction between developers and the infrastructure. Then, the orchestration of such a container with Kubernetes makes things easy also on the DevOps side.

Anyway, we are not satisfied with this result. Even we saved a lot of time and improved quality by applying such technologies, we are still wondering if we can save more time and simplify the management part.

That’s why, nowadays, there are many Application Development Platforms that aims to create a development experience where the only focus is on the application, automating and…

Learn what you can do using GraphQL, Symfony, and MongoDB

Dock on the beach
Dock on the beach
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In 2021, there isn’t any more space for reinventing the wheel. Development is an art that relies more and more on a pick-and-assemble strategy than developing things from scratch. Following this trend, writing code for just reading and writing data is a mess of a time. That’s probably the reason why headless CMS solutions have been spreading in the last few years and SaaS adoption is the most common way to move to the cloud.

Anyway, we often have to fight against complicated business logic or complex integration, and we would need the flexibility of writing custom code.

What we…

The story of the side-project failure that let me grow up

I’m an open-source love. I started developing an open-source side project in 2006 and that was the secret that boosts my career. Thanks to the experiments that I have made during this trip I’m now a better developer and I give back something to the community — almost I hope.

I wrote about my vision of opensource as a driver for companies and developers growth here but that is another story 😄

In this article, I want to talk about my experience since 2018 on an open-source low-code platform called RawCms.

Photo by Kind and Curious on Unsplash

The failure of the project

This project starts as a side project for improving…

Learn how to leverage DNS servers as distributed blockchain databases

Coins marked with the Bitcoin symbol
Coins marked with the Bitcoin symbol
Photo by Pierre Borthiry on Unsplash

Blockchain is not only a buzzword. Neither is it limited to cryptocurrency and bitcoin. With its ability to create transparency and fairness, this technology is revolutionizing a variety of sectors. The applications range from tracking systems to securing data to enforcing an online voting system. It could help implement an anti-money-laundering tracking system or simply track the source of the product you bought at the shop.

As always happen in information science, many blockchain platforms manage all the complexity and make it that we can simply save data as if we had a simple database behind the hood.

In this…

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