A simple rule to avoid throwing your project into the trash

Cactus next to measuring tape

Microservices is one of the bigger trends of architectural design. In the last years, most of the software was built on top of this pillar and a lot of people experience very good results. Microservices can provide improvements to performance, scalability, and reduce maintenance costs. Anyway, as I described in…

What you can't miss about DevOps

DevOps is one of the most huge trends in development. In this article, I collected some resources that can help to focus on the right aspects of this discipline.


Focusing on infrastructure management is funny but not sustainable for our business. The goal of a modern developer is to focus…

Discover the DevOps simplicity and reduce the Kubernetes complexity

A boat

NoOps trend is now possible thanks to public cloud and services that give us solution that works out of the box. Anyway, many of these services come with some limitations or have costs that explode with resource usage. That’s why a lot of developers still prefer solutions like Kubernetes for…

Learn how to implement a self-contained app with a backend in Node and a Vue frontend

Node.js is a very flexible solution used for multiple purposes that go from building an Angular application to implementing a real-time application. Because it is used in all Javascript projects, this technology is spreading also as an API platform.

In this article, we will learn how to set up your…

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